Friday, November 16 • 11am to 6pm
Library opening at 11 a.m. today.

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Dear fellow gardeners,

I hope this email finds you with a hearty harvest, few pests, and vigorously growing veggies and flowers in your gardens.

1. List Serve I'd like to apologize to a few of you, who apparently included your email addresses in the garden book a while ago, and somehow I missed noticing your email addresses until today. If you do know anyone else who would like to be included in the V'ville Seed Library email list serve, please email me directly with any new email addresses. Thank you!

2. Seed Saving Please remember to save some seeds from your garden to "return" to the library! All you need to do is dry them on a paper towel for at least 3 weeks and then "return" them to the library. Make sure you know their correct name! There's a form in the library for you to fill out, so please take the time to fill out the form so future gardeners can benefit from your experiences. If you have a photo of your veggie/flower, please email it to me, and I'll add it to the garden book's page for next year. There is no minimum number of seeds for "return" donations, so feel free to donate however many or few that you've saved. The breadth of our seed library selection is ultimately dependent on you "returning" some seeds that you "borrowed".

3. Feedback, please!

  • a. Over the next few months, I will be hoping for input as to what you'd like to grow next year, as I believe I will be able to get a limited number of donated seeds from some of the more people-oriented seed companies. If there's something you'd like to grow, PLEASE email me with your suggestions! I cannot guarantee anything in particular, but I will guarantee to TRY to find what you'd like to grow next year!
  • b. Did you grow anything this year from seeds at the seed library that just didn't grow? Let me know! I don't want to re-order seeds that are not successful in our soil here. Our collective experiences best inform our planning, so any feedback is much appreciated.
  • c. What did you grow this year that you found especially wonderful, that you'd like to recommend, and why? I'd like to create another feature in our seed book for next year with local "recommended" stars. What I'm looking for is something like this: "Beans - fagiole luna. While these beans were not prolific growers and require lots of watering, they are exceptionally tasty and are perfect cooked with and served in pasta. They twist around your fork with spaghetti and do not break. They are so tender and unusual and are a must-grow for any pasta eaters!" Please take a few minutes to write up something brief to recommend anything you've grown that was just exceptional.

4. Any interest in a fall planting exchange? There are many things we plant in the fall (roughly mid-October), such as garlic, fall flower bulbs, and Jerusalem artichokes. The fall plantings are not seeds, so we don't stock them in our seed library. However, some of us do grow these veggies and flowers and may have extras to share. I'm wondering if there's enough interest in an exchange to set up a one-day fall veggie/flower exchange in mid-October? If you're interested, please email me in the next week or so! If there is enough interest, I will emall all of you to let you know when it will be happening.

Wishing all of you a good end of your summers, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback at all that any of you have! The good, the bad...anything at all!

Sharon Miller, Coordinator

Voorheesville Seed Library