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Hallinan, Timothy Junior Bender 1 Mystery

Day is dark

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa Thóra Gudmundsdóttir 4 Mystery

11th hour

Patterson, James Women's murder club 11 Thriller

12th of never

Patterson, James Women's murder club 12 Thriller

15 seconds

Gross, Andrew Thriller

1st victim

Hoag, Tami Thriller

20th century ghosts

Hill, Joe Thriller


Burke, Alafair Mystery

5th horseman

Patterson, James Women's murder club 5 Thriller

61 hours

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 14 Thriller

9th girl

Hoag, Tami Kovac/Liska 4 Thriller

A is for alibi

Grafton, Sue Kinsey Millhone 1 Mystery

Absent one

Adler-Olsen, Jussi Department Q 2 Mystery

Abuse of power

Savage, Michael Thriller


Scottoline, Lisa Rosato and Associates 12 Mystery


Child, Lee Jack Reacher 16 Thriller

Afraid To Die

Jackson, Lisa To Die 4 Mystery

Alex Cross, run

Patterson, James Alex Cross 20 Thriller

Always watching

Stevens, Chevy Thriller


Davys, Tim Thriller

And when she was good

Lippman, Laura Mystery

Andalucian friend

Soderberg, Alexander Thriller

Apple turnover murder

Fluke, Joanne Hannah Swensen 13 Mystery


Gerritsen, Tess Rizzoli and Isles 2 Thriller


Coonts, Stephen Tommy Carmellini 3 Thriller

Aunt Dimity and the lost prince

Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity 18 Mystery


Coulter, Catherine FBI 16 Thriller

Bad luck and trouble

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 11 Thriller

Bad monkey

Hiaasen, Carl Thriller

Bake sale murder

Meier, Leslie Lucy Stone 13 Mystery

Bat in the belfry

Graves, Sarah Home repair is homicide 16 Mystery

Beautiful blue death

Finch, Charles Charles Lenox 1 Mystery

Beautiful mystery

Penny, Louise Armand Gamache 8 Mystery

Bellfield Hall

Dean, Anna Dido Kent 1 Mystery

Best American mystery stories 2012


Best kept secret

Archer, Jeffrey Clifton chronicles 3 Thriller

Big City, Bad Blood

Chercover, Sean Ray Dudgeon 1 Mystery

Big exit

Carnoy, David Mystery

Big sin

Webb, Jack Mystery


Hayder, Mo Jack Caffery 1 Mystery

Black box

Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 18 Thriller

Black Cat

Grimes, Martha Richard Jury 22 Mystery

Black country

Grecian, Alex Mystery

Black echo

Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 1 Thriller

Black ice

Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 2 Thriller

Black list

Thor, Brad Thriller

Black Orchid Blues

Walker, Persia Mystery

Black Order

Rollins, James SIGMA force 3 Thriller

Blood bond

Littlefield, Sophie Joe Bashir 1 Mystery

Blood money

Grippando, James Jack Swyteck 11 Thriller

Blood of War

Bond, Larry Red dragon rising 4 Thriller


Rollins, James SIGMA force 8 Thriller

Blueberry muffin murder

Fluke, Joanna Hannah Swensen 3 Mystery

Body in the piazza

Page, Katherine Hall Faith Fairchild 21 Mystery

Bomb Shell

Coulter, Catherine FBI series 17 Thriller

Bone bed

Cornwell, Patricia Kay Scarpetta 20 Mystery

Bones are forever

Reichs, Kathy Temperance Brennan 17 Mystery


Mayor, Archer Joe Gunther 2 Mystery

Born to Die

Jackson, Lisa To Die 3 Mystery

Boy in the suitcase

Kaaberbol, Lene Nina Borg 1 Mystery

Breaking point

Box, C.J. Joe Pickett 13 Mystery

Broken harbor

French, Tana Dublin Murder Squad 4 Mystery

Broken skin

MacBride, Stuart Logan McRae 3 Mystery

Bullett for Cinderella

MacDonald, John D. Mystery

Buried Prey

Sandford, John Prey 21 Thriller

Calculated in death

Robb, J.D. In death 36 Mystery

Camel Club

Baldacci, David Camel Club 1 Thriller

Cat in the wings

Adamson, Lydia Mystery

Catch me

Gardner, Lisa Detective D. D. Warren 6 Thriller

Cathedral windows

O'Donohue, Clare Someday Quilts Mystery Mystery

Chocolate chip cookie murder

Fluke, Joanna Hannah Swensen 1 Mystery

Choke point

Pearson, Ridley Thriller

Chosen to Die

Jackson, Lisa To Die 2 Mystery

City of bones

Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 8 Thriller

Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead

Gran, Sara Mystery

Close your eyes

Johansen, Iris Thriller

Closer than Blood

Olsen, Gregg Thriller


Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 11 Thriller

Clouds of Witness

Sayers, Dorothy Lord Peter Wimsey 2 Mystery

Cold day for murder

Stabenow, Dana Kate Shugak 1 Mystery

Cold granite

MacBride, Stuart Logan McRae 1 Mystery

Collateral damage

Brown, Dale Dreamland 14 Thriller

Collateral damage

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 25 Mystery

Colorado kid

King, Stephen Thriller

Columbus Affair

Berry, Steve Thriller

Command Authority

Clancy, Tom Jack Ryan 16 Thriller

Complete Novels

Christie, Agatha Mysteries

Complete Sherlock Holmes

Doyle, Arthur Conan Mysteries

Complete works

Poe, Edgar Allen Classic

Concrete blonde

Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 3 Thriller

Conspiracy of faith

Adler-Olsen, Jussi Department Q 4 Mystery

Coroner's lunch

Cotterill, Colin Dr. Siri Paiboun 1 Mystery

Cover of snow

Milchman, Jenny Thriller

Creole belle

Burke, James Lee Dave Robicheaux 19 Mystery

Crime and punishment

Dostoevsky, Fyodor Classic

Crime of privilege

Walker, Walter Thriller


Slaughter, Karin Georgia 4 Mystery

Cross fire

Patterson, James Alex Cross 17 Thriller

Cross My Heart

Patterson, James Alex Cross 21 Thriller

Cuts like a knife

Gilroy, M.K. Mystery

Da Vinci code

Brown, Dan Robert Langdon 2 Thriller

Daddy's gone a hunting

Clark, Mary Higgins Mystery

Dance of the seagull

Camilleri, Andrea Inspector Montalbano 15 Mystery

Dark tide

Gross, Andrew Ty Hauck 1 Thriller

Dark wind

Hillerman, Tony Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee 5 Mystery

Dark winter

Mark, David Aector McAvoy 1 Mystery

Darker than night

Lutz, John Frank Quinn 1 Thriller

Darkness more than night

Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 7 Thriller

Dead beat

McDermid, Val Kate Brannigan 1 Mystery

Dead ever after

Harris, Charlaine Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire 13 Mystery

Dead in the water

Stabenow, Dana Kate Shugak 3 Mystery

Dead of summer

Jungstedt, Mari Mystery

Deadly stakes

Jance, J.A. Ali Reynolds 7 Mystery

Deal breaker

Coben, Harlan Myron Bolitar 1 Mystery

Death in Breslau

Krajewski, Marek Inspector Eberhard Mock 1 Mystery

Death of a gossip

Beaton, M.C. Hamish McBeth 1 Mystery

Death of an outsider

Beaton, M.C. Hamish McBeth 3 Mystery

Death of yesterday

Beaton, M.C. Hamish MacBeth 28 Mystery

Death, Taxes, and a Sequined Clutch

Kelly, Diane Tara Holloway Mystery

Deeply Odd

Koontz, Dean Odd Thomas 6 Thriller

Defending Jacob

Landay, William Mystery

Déjà dead

Reichs, Kathy Temperance Brennan 1 Mystery

Delicate truth

Le Carré, John Thriller

Delusion in death

Robb, J.D. In death 35 Mystery

Devil's star

Nesbo, Jo Harry Hole 5 Mystery

Die trying

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 2 Thriller

Dime museum murders

Stashower, Daniel Harry Houdini Mysteries 1 Mystery


Koch, Herman Thriller


Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 2 Mystery

Dog on it

Quinn, Spencer Chet and Bernie 1 Mystery

Don't look twice

Gross, Andrew Ty Hauck 2 Thriller


Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 17 Thriller


Cornwell, Patricia Kay Scarpetta 21 Mystery

Dust to dust

Hoag, Tami Kovac/Liska 2 Thriller

Dying light

MacBride, Stuart Logan McRae 2 Mystery

Dying to read

McCourtney, Lorena Cate Kincaid files 1 Mystery

Echo burning

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 5 Thriller

Echo park

Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 12 Thriller

Elegy for Eddie

Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs 9 Mystery

Empire and honor

Griffin, W.E.B. Honor bound 7 Thriller

End game

Brown, Dale Dreamland 8 Thriller


Child, Lee Jack Reacher 8 Thriller

Enemy of mine

Taylor, Brad Pike Logan 3 Thriller

Everybody's watching me

Spillane, Mickey Mystery

Everything to Lose

Gross, Andrew Thriller

Everywhere that Mary went

Scottoline, Lisa Rosato and Associates 1 Mystery

Explosive Eighteen

Evanovich, Janet Stephanie Plum 18 Mystery

Eye of God

Rollins, James SIGMA Force 11 Thriller

Fallen angel

Silva, Daniel Gabriel Allon 12 Thriller

Family way

Bowen, Rhys Molly Murphy 14 Mystery

Famous and the dead

Parker, T. Jefferson Charlie Hood 6 Mystery

Fatal thaw

Stabenow, Dana Kate Shugak 2 Mystery

Fatal winter

Malliet, G.M. Max Tudor 2 Mystery

Fever dream

Child, Lincoln Special agent Pendergast 10 Thriller

Field of blood

Mina, Denise Paddy Meehan 1 Mystery

Field of darkness

Read, Cornelia Madeline Dare 1 Mystery

Fifth assassin

Meltzer, Brad Thriller

Final Appeal

Scottoline, Lisa Rosato and Associates 2 Mystery

Fire and ice

Stabenow, Dana Liam Campbell 1 Mystery


Kava, Alex Maggie O'Dell 10 Mystery

Fistful of collars

Quinn, Spencer Chet and Bernie 5 Mystery


Baldacci, David John Puller 2 Thriller


Shelley, Mary Classic


Shelley, Mary Classic

Geneva option

LeBor, Adam Thriller


Thompson, Jim Mystery


Hobbs, Roger Thriller

Ghosts of Belfast

Neville, Stuart Jack Lennon 1 Thriller

Gingerbread house

Gerhardsen, Carin Thriller

Girl who cried wolf

Ferrigno, Robert Thriller

Glazed murder

Beck, Jessica Donut Shop 1 Mystery

Gods and beasts

Mina, Denise Alex Morrow 3 Mystery

Gods of Guilt

Connelly, Michael Mickey Haller 5 Thriller

Golden egg

Leon, Donna Guido Brunetti 22 Mystery


Patterson, James Michael Bennett 6 Thriller

Gone girl

Flynn, Gillian Thriller

Gone tomorrow

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 13 Thriller


Thompson, Jim Mystery


Kellerman, Jonathan Alex Delaware 28 Mystery

Guilt by degrees

Clark, Marcia Thriller

Gutshot straight

Berney, Lou Charles "Shake" Bouchon 1 Thriller


Penny, Louise Armand Gamache Mystery

Hangman's daughter

Potzsch, Oliver Hangman's daughter 1 Thriller

Hard way

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 10 Thriller

Head to head

Ladd, Linda Mystery


Silva, Daniel Gabriel Allon 14 Mystery


Evanovich, Janet Mystery

Heron's cove

Neggars, Carla Thriller

Hidden Order

Thor, Brad Thriller

Hiss and hers

Beaton, M.C. Agatha Raisin 23 Mystery


Baldacci, David Will Robie 2 Thriller

Hit and run

Block, Lawrence Keller 4 Mystery

Hit list

Block, Lawrence Keller 2 Mystery

Hit man

Block, Lawrence Keller 1 Mystery

Hit me

Block, Lawrence Keller 5 Mystery

Hit parade

Block, Lawrence Keller 3 Mystery

House at sea's end

Griffiths, Elly Ruth Galloway 3 Mystery

How the Light Gets In

Penny, Louise Armand Gamache 9 Mystery

I, Alex Cross

Patterson, James Alex Cross 16 Thriller

I, Michael Bennett

Patterson, James Michael Bennett 5 Thriller


Turow, Scott Thriller

Imaginary blonde

Macdonald, Ross Mystery

In a dry season

Robinson, Peter Inspector Alan Banks 10 Mystery

In search of the rose notes

Arsenault, Emily Mystery

In the woods

French, Tana Dublin Murder Squad 1 Mystery


Brown, Dan Robert Langdon 4 Thriller


Stevens, Taylor Vanessa Michael Munroe 1 Thriller


Koontz, Dean Thriller


Baldacci, David Will Robie 1 Thriller

Instruments of darkness

Robertson, Imogen Westerman and Crowther 1 Mystery


Wolf, Dick Jeremy Fisk Thriller

Interlude in death

Robb, J.D. In death 14 Mystery

Into the Darkest Corner

Haynes, Elizabeth Thriller

Invisible murder

Kaaberbol, Lene Nina Borg 2 Mystery

Island 731

Robinson, Jeremy Thriller

Istanbul Passage

Kanon, Joseph Thriller

Jewels of Paradise

Leon, Donna Mystery


Toyne, Simon Sanctus trilogy 2 Thriller

Kill room

Deaver, Jeffery Lincoln Rhyme 10 Mystery

Kill you twice

Cain, Chelsea Sheridan and Lowell 5 Mystery

Killer ambition

Clark, Marcia Thriller

Killer inside me

Thompson, Jim Mystery

Killer's art

Jungstedt, Mari Anders Knutas 4 Mystery

Killing floor

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 1 Thriller

King and Maxwell

Baldacci, David Sean King and Michelle Maxwell 6 Thriller

King's deception

Berry, Steve Thriller

Kinsey and me

Grafton, Sue Mystery

L.A. requiem

Crais, Robert Elvis Cole 8 Thriller

Last coyote

Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 4 Thriller

Last kind words

Piccirilli, Tom Thriller

Last man

Flynn, Vince Mitch Rapp 13 Thriller

Last to Die

Gerritsen, Tess Rizzoli and Isles 10 Thriller

Last victim

Robards, Karen Thriller

Leader of the pack

Rosenfelt, David Andy Carpenter 10 Mystery

Leaving everything most loved

Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs 10 Mystery

Left to die

Jackson, Lisa To Die 1 Mystery

Lethal vintage

Gordon, Nadia Sunny McCoskey Napa Valley 4 Mystery


Barry, Max Thriller

Life without parole

O'Donohue, Clare Kate Conway series 2 Mystery


DeMille, Nelson John Corey series 5 Thriller


Grace, Tallulah Thriller

Lock Artist

Hamilton, Steve Mystery

London bridges

Patterson, James Alex Cross 10 Thriller

Mad river

Sandford, John Virgil Flowers 6 Thriller

Man without breath

Kerr, Philip Bernie Gunther 9 Thriller

Mandarin gate

Pattison, Eliot Inspector Shan 7 Mystery

Masked Ball at Broxley Manor

Bowen, Rhys Royal Spyness 6 Mystery

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

Patterson, James Alex Cross Thriller

Messenger of Athens

Zouroudi, Anne Mysteries of the Greek Detective 1 Mystery

Mew is for murder

Simon, Clea Theda Krakow 1 Mystery

Midnight at Marble Arch

Perry, Anne Thomas and Charlotte Pitt 28 Mystery

Midnight in death

Robb, J.D. In death 8 Mystery

Mission to Paris

Furst, Alan Night Soldiers 12 Thriller


Patterson, James Thriller

Mixed blood

Smith, Roger Thriller

Mortal terror

Benn, James R. Billy Boyle World War II 6 Mystery

Murder at the Lanterne Rouge

Black, Cara Aimee Leduc 12 Mystery

Murder in Chelsea

Thompson, Victoria Gaslight series 15 Mystery

Murder is binding

Barrett, Lorna Booktown 1 Mystery

Mystic river

Lehane, Dennis Mystery


Cook, Robin Thriller


Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 10 Thriller


Nesbo, Jo Harry Hole 4 Mystery

Never Go Back

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 18 Thriller

Never saw it coming

Barclay, Linwood Thriller

New York Dead

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 1 Mystery

Night game

Russell, Kirk John Marquez 2 Mystery

Night moves

White, Randy Wayne Doc Ford 20 Mystery

Night ranger

Berenson, Alex John Wells 7 Thriller

Night watch

Fairstein, Linda Alexandra Cooper 14 Mystery


Kepler, Lars Mystery

Nine dragons

Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 15 Thriller

Ninth District

Dorow, Douglas Thriller

No mark upon her

Crombie, Deborah Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James 14 Mystery

Not my blood

Cleverly, Barbara Detective Joe Sandilands 10 Mystery

Nothing to lose

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 12 Thriller

Notorious nineteen

Evanovich, Janet Stephanie Plum 19 Mystery

Now you see me

Bolton, S.J. Mystery

NYPD red

Patterson, James Thriller

Odd interlude

Koontz, Dean Odd Thomas 8 Thriller

One for the money

Evanovich, Janet Stephanie Plum 1 Mystery

One I left behind

McMahon, Jennifer Thriller

One shot

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 9 Thriller

Open season

Mayor, Archer Joe Gunther 1 Mystery


DeMille, Nelson John Corey series 6 Thriller

Perfect evil

Kava, Alex Maggie O'Dell 1 Mystery


Child, Lee Jack Reacher 7 Thriller


Nesbo, Jo Harry Hole 9 Mystery

Phantom Prey

Sandford, John Prey 18 Thriller

Pirate alley

Coonts, Stephen Jake Grafton 11 Thriller


James, Steven Jevin Banks Experience 1 Mystery

Playing with fire

Robinson, Peter Inspector Alan Banks 14 Mystery

Plum Island

DeMille, Nelson John Corey series 1 Thriller

Political suicide

Palmer, Michael Thriller


Hayder, Mo Jack Caffery 6 Mystery

Portrait of a Spy

Silva, Daniel Gabriel Allon 11 Thriller

Poseidon's arrow

Cussler, Clive Dirk Pitt 22 Thriller

Presumed guilty

Gerritsen, Tess Thriller

Private Berlin

Patterson, James Private Thriller

Private, London

Patterson, James Private Thriller

Proof of guilt

Todd, Charles Inspector Ian Rutledge 15 Mystery


Lutz, John Frank Quinn 7 Thriller


Grisham, John Thriller

Ransom river

Gardiner, Meg Thriller

Raven Strike

Brown, Dale Dreamland 13 Thriller

Ready to Die

Jackson, Lisa To Die 5 Mystery


Gross, Andrew Ty Hauck 3 Thriller


Nesbo, Jo Harry Hole 3 Mystery


Nesbo, Jo Harry Hole 6 Mystery


McDermid, Val Tony Hill and Carol Jordan 7 Mystery

Robert B. Parker's Wonderland

Atkins, Ace Robert B. Parker's Spenser 2 Mystery

Running blind

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 4 Thriller

Safe house

Ewan, Chris Mystery


Toyne, Simon Sanctus trilogy 1 Thriller

Say you're sorry

Robotham, Michael Thriller


Cornwell, Patricia Kay Scarpetta 16 Mystery


Perry, Anne Mystery

Second Honeymoon

Patterson, James Thriller

Seconds away

Coben, Harlan Mickey Bolitar 2 Mystery

Serpent's tooth

Johnson, Craig Walt Longmire 9 Mystery

Severe clear

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 24 Mystery

Shadows still remain

De Jonge, Peter Mystery

Shanghai factor

McCarry, Charles Thriller


Robotham, Michael Thriller

Shoveling smoke

Davis, Austin Mystery

Silken Prey

Sandford, John Prey 23 Thriller


Galbraith, Robert Cormoran Strike 2

Sins of the fathers

Block, Lawrence Matthew Scudder 1 Mystery

Six years

Coben, Harlan Mystery

Sixth man

Baldacci, David Sean King and Michelle Maxwell 5 Thriller

Sleep no more

Johansen, Iris Eve Duncan 15 Thriller

Small death in the great glen

Scott, A.D. Mystery

Snow White must die

Neuhaus, Nele Thriller

Some like it hawk

Andrews, Donna Meg Langslow 14 Mystery

Sound of broken glass

Crombie, Deborah Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James 15 Mystery

Speaking from among the bones

Bradley, Alan Flavia de Luce 5 Mystery

Split second

Baldacci, David Sean King and Michelle Maxwell 1 Thriller


Griffin, W.E.B. Men at war 7 Thriller

St. Zita society

Rendall, Ruth Mystery

Standing in another man's grave

Rankin, Ian Inspector John Rebus 18 Mystery

Starvation Lake

Gruley, Bryan Starvation Lake 1 Mystery

Stay close

Coben, Harlan Mystery

Still life

Penny, Louise Three Pines 1 Mystery

Stolen Prey

Sandford, John Prey 22 Thriller


Cussler, Clive NUMA files 10 Thriller

Storm Front

Sandford, John Virgil Flowers 7 Thriller

Storm Prey

Sandford, John Prey 20 Thriller


Cussler, Clive Isaac Bell adventures 6 Thriller

Sunless sea

Perry, Anne William Monk 18 Mystery


Hurwitz, Gregg Thriller


Crais, Robert Thriller

Sweet tea revenge

Childs, Laura Tea shop 14 Mystery

Takedown Twenty

Evanovich, Janet Stephanie Plum 20 Mystery

Taking Eve

Johansen, Iris Eve Duncan 16 Thriller


Baldacci, David Will Robie 3 Thriller


Smith, Martin Cruz Arkady Renko 8 Thriller

Tell no one

Coben, Harlan Mystery

Term limits

Flynn, Vince Mitch Rapp 1 Thriller

Test of wills

Todd, Charles Inspector Ian Rutledge 1 Mystery

The Boy Who Never Grew Up

Handler, David Stewart Hoag 5

The Cuckoo's Calling

Galbraith, Robert Mystery

The English Girl

Silva, Daniel Thriller

The Man who Died Laughing

Handler, David Stewart Hoag 1

The Man Who Lived by Night

Handler, David Stewart Hoag 2

The Man Who Would be F. Scott Fitzgerald

Handler, David Stewart Hoag 3

The Tower

Toyne, Simon Sanctus Trilogy 3 Thriller

They disappeared

Mofina, Rick Thriller

Think Twice

Scottoline, Lisa Rosato and Associates 13 Mystery

Third bullet

Hunter, Stephen Bob Lee Swagger 8 Thriller

Third gate

Child, Lincoln Thriller

Threat vector

Clancy, Tom Jack Ryan/John Clark universe chronology 15 Thriller

Tiger's claw

Brown, Dale Patrick McLanahan 18 Thriller

To have and to kill

Clark, Mary Jane Wedding Cake 1 Mystery


Cussler, Clive Fargo Adventure 4 Thriller

Touch & go

Gardner, Lisa Thriller


Child, Lee Jack Reacher 3 Thriller

Trunk music

Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch 5 Thriller

Trust your eyes

Barclay, Linwood Thriller

Turn of the screw

James, Henry Classic

Two for sorrow

Upson, Nicola Josephine Tey 3 Mystery

Two graves

Preston, Douglas Special Agent Pendergast 12 Thriller

Unintended consequences

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 26 Mystery

Unmarked Grave

Todd, Charles Bess Crawford 4 Mystery

V is for vengeance

Grafton, Sue Kinsey Millhone 22 Mystery

Valley of the shadow

Dunn, Carola Cornish mystery 3 Mystery


Hannon, Irene Private Justice 1 Thriller


Black, Benjamin Quirke 5 Mystery

W is for Wasted

Grafton, Sue Kinsey Millhone 23 Mystery

Wanted man

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 17 Thriller

When will there be good news

Atkinson, Kate Jackson Brodie 3 Thriller

White Fire

Preston, Douglas and Child, Lee Special Agent Pendergast 13 Thriller

Whose Body?

Sayers, Dorothy Lord Peter Wimsey 1 Mystery

Wicked Prey

Sandford, John Prey 19 Thriller

Without fail

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 6 Thriller

Woman in white

Collins, Wilkie Classic

Worth dying for

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 15 Thriller


Deaver, Jeffery Kathryn Dance 3 Mystery

You don't want to know

Jackson, Lisa Mystery

Zero hour

Cussler, Clive NUMA files 11 Thriller


Patterson, James Thriller