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Queen Song

Aveyard, Victoria Red Queen Novella 1

Steel Scars

Aveyard, Victoria Red Queen Novella 2

Six of Crows

Bardugo, Leigh

Crooked Kingdom

Bardugo, Leigh Six of Crows 2

Emmy & Oliver

Benway, Robin


Bodeen, S.A.

Things I'm Seeing Without You

Bognanni, Peter

Fahrenheit 451

Bradbury, Ray

All Fall Down

Carter, Ally Embassy Row 1

See How They Run

Carter, Ally Embassy Row 2


Cass, Kiera Selection 4


Cass, Kiera Selection 5


Charbonneau, Joelle

Lady Midnight

Clare, Cassandra Dark Artifices 1

Lord of Shadows

Clare, Cassandra Dark Artifices 2

Seriously Wicked

Connolly, Tina

Kill Order: Maze Runner Prequel

Dashner, James Maze Runner 4

Fever Code

Dashner, James Maze Runner 5

Game of Lives

Dashner, James Mortality Doctrine 3

This Book is Gay

Dawson, James

These Shallow Graves

Donnelly, Jennifer

Battle of Hackham Heath

Flanagan, John Ranger's Apprentice: Early Years 2

Tournament at Gorlan

Flanagan, John A. Rangers Apprentice Early Years 1


Frost, Mark Paladin Prophecy 3

Zero Day

Gangsei, Jan

Genius-the Game

Gout, Leopoldo Genius 1

Genius: The Con

Gout, Leopoldo Genius 2

Lost Stars

Gray, Claudia


Kaufman, Amie & Jay Kristoff Illuminae Files 1


Kaufman, Amie & Jay Kristoff Illuminae Files 2

Terror at Bottle Creek

Key, Watt


Kincaid, S. J. Diabolic 2


Kincaid, S.J.

Finding Audrey

Kinsella, Sophie

Still a Work in Progress

Knowles, Jo


Lackey, Mercedes Hunter 1


Lackey, Mercedes Hunter 2


Laybourne, Emmy


Leavitt, Martine


Lee, Fonda

Rose Society

Lu, Marie Young Elites 2

Midnight Star

Lu, Marie Young Elites 3

Empire of Storms

Maas, Sarah J Throne of Glass 5

Throne of Glass

Maas, Sarah J. Throne of Glass 1

Crown of Midnight

Maas, Sarah J. Throne of Glass 2

Heir of Fire

Maas, Sarah J. Throne of Glass 3

Queen of Shadows

Maas, Sarah J. Throne of Glass 4

Assassin's Blade

Maas, Sarah J. Throne of Glass Novellas 1

The Prince

Machiavelli, Nicolo


Matharu, Taran Summoner 1


Matharu, Taran Summoner 2


Matharu, Taran Summoner 3


Meyer, Marissa

Stars Above

Meyer, Marissa Lunar Chronicles Collection


Meyer, Marissa Renegades 1

Monster Calls

Ness, Patrick

This is Where It Ends

Nijkamp, Marieke


Oliver, Lauren


Oliver, Lauren Replica Duology 2

Lock & Mori

Petty, Heather


Preller, James

I Am Princess X

Priest, Cherie

Kissing in America

Rabb, Margo

Library of Souls

Riggs, Ransom Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 3

Tales of the Peculiar

Riggs, Ranson

Carve the Mark

Roth, Veronica

Carry On

Rowell, Rainbow


Sanderson, Brandon Reckoners 3

This Savage Song

Schwab, Victoria Monsters of Verity 1

Our Dark Duet

Schwab, Victoria Monsters of Verity 2

Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War

Sheinkin, Steve

Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team

Sheinkin, Steve

Challenger Deep

Shusterman, Neal


Smith, Roland


Smith, Roland

Goodbye Stranger

Stead, Rebecca

Desert Dark

Stone, Sonja

Girl Online

Sugg, Zoe Girl Online 1

Girl Online: On Tour

Sugg, Zoe Girl Online 2

Art of War

Sun Tzu

The Hate U Give

Thomas, Angie

Well That Was Awkward

Vail, Rachel

90 Days of Different

Walters, Eric

Rule of Three

Walters, Eric Rule of Three

Fight for Power

Walters, Eric Rule of Three 2

Will to Survive

Walters, Eric Rule of Three 3

And Then There Were Four

Werlin, Nancy


Westerfeld, Scott


Westerfeld, Scott Zeros 2

Last Star

Yancey, Rick Fifth Wave 3

Sun is Also a Star

Yoon, Nicola

Everything Everything

Yoon, Nicola