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Current titles list
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Mightier Than the Sword

Archer, Jeffrey Clifton Chronicles 5

Cometh the Hour

Archer, Jeffrey Clifton Chronicles 6

This Was a Man

Archer, Jeffrey Clifton Chronicles 7

Robert B Parker's Kickback

Atkins, Ace

Memory Man

Baldacci, David

Last Mile

Baldacci, David Amos Decker 2


Baldacci, David Amos Decker 3


Baldacci, David John Puller 3


Baldacci, David Will Robie 4

The Widow

Barton, Fiona

Twelve Days

Berenson, Alex

The Wolves

Berenson, Alex John Wells 10

Patriot Threat

Berry, Steve

14th Colony

Berry, Steve Cotton Malone 11


Box, C.J.


Box, C.J. Joe Pickett 15

Off the Grid

Box, C.J. Joe Pickett 16

Vicious Circle

Box, C.J. Joe Pickett 17

Shots Fired

Box, C.J. Stories from Joe Pickett Country

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd

Bradley, Alan Flavia De Luce 8


Brandt, Harry

Mean Streak

Brown, Sandra


Brown, Sandra


Brown, Sandra

Jealous Kind

Burke, James Lee

Wayfaring Stranger

Burke, James Lee

Fifth Gospel

Caldwell, Ian

Driving Heat

Castle, Richard Nikki Heat 7


Child, Lee Jack Reacher 19

Make Me

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 20

Night School

Child, Lee Jack Reacher 21

Forgotten Room

Child, Lincoln

Melody Lingers On

Clark, Mary Higgins

As Time Goes By

Clark, Mary Higgins

All by Myself, Alone

Clark, Mary Higgins

Death Wears a Beauty Mask and other stories

Clark, Mary Higgins

All Dressed in White

Clark, Mary Higgins & Alafair Burke Under Suspicion 2

Fool Me Once

Coben, Harlan


Coben, Harlan


Coben, Harlan Myron Bolitar 11

Robert B Parker's Blind Spot

Coleman, Reed Farrel Jesse Stone 13

Robert B Parker's The Devil Wins

Coleman, Reed Farrel Jesse Stone 14

Robert Parker's Debt to Pay

Coleman. Reed Farrel Jese Stone 15


Connelly, Michael Harry Bosch & Mickey Haller 20 & 6

Depraved Heart

Cornwell, Patricia Kay Scarpetta 23


Coulter, Catherine FBI 20

End Game

Coulter, Catherine & J.T. Ellison Brit in the FBI 3

Devil's Triangle

Coulter, Catherine & J.T. Ellison Brit in the FBI 4


Cussler, Clive Isaac Bell 10


Cussler, Clive Sam and Remi Fargo

Emperor's Revenge

Cussler, Clive & Body Morrison Oregon Files 11


Cussler, Clive & Boyd Morrison Oregon Files 10

Pharaoh's Secret

Cussler, Clive & Graham Brown Kurt Austin Adventure NUMA Files

The Gangster

Cussler, Clive & Justin Scott Isaac Bell 9


Cussler, Clive & Justin Scott Isaac Bell Adventure 8

Eye of Heaven

Cussler, Clive & Russell Blake Fargo Adventure 6

Solomon Curse

Cussler, Clive & Russell Blake Fargo Adventure 7

Solitude Creek

Deaver, Jeffrey Kathryn Dance 4

Steel Kiss

Deaver, Jeffrey Lincoln Rhyme 12

Burial Hour

Deaver, Jeffrey Lincoln Rhyme 13


Ellroy, James

Tricky Twenty-Two

Evanovich, Janet Stephanie Plum 22


Evanovich, Janet & Lee Goldberg Fox & O'Hare 4


Evanovich, Janet & Lee Goldberg O'Hare and Fox 5

Curious Minds

Evanovich, Janet & Phoef Sutton Knight and Moon 1

Wicked Charms

Evanovich, Janet and Phoef Sutton Lizzy and Diesel 3

Devil's Bridge

Fairstein, Linda Alexandra Cooper 17

Killer Look

Fairstein, Linda Alexandra Cooper 18


Finder, Joseph

Guilty Minds

Finder, Joseph Nick Heller 3

Double Fudge Brownie Murder

Fluke, Joanna Hannah Swenson 18

Wedding Cake Murder

Fluke, Joanna Hannah Swenson 19

Christmas Caramel Murder

Fluke, Joanne Hannah Swenson 20


Flynn, Vince & Kyle Mills Mitch Rapp 14

Secret Place

French, Tana Dublin Murder Squad 5


French, Tana Dublin Murder Squad 6

Career of Evil

Galbraith, Robert Comoran Strike 3

Crash and Burn

Gardner, Lisa

Find Her

Gardner, Lisa Detective D.D. Warren 8

Banquet of Consequences

George, Elizabeth Inspector Lynley 19


Grafton, Sue Kinsey Milhone 24

Tom Clancy: Support and Defend

Greaney, Mark Dominic Caruso

Tom Clancy: Commander in Chief

Greaney, Mark Jack Ryan

Top Secret

Griffin, W.E.B. Clandestine Operations 1

Broken Trust

Griffin, W.E.B. and William E Butterworth IV Badge of Honor 13

Deadly Assets

Griffin, WEB & William E Butterworth IV Badge of Honor 12

Monogram Murders

Hannah, Sophie New Hercule Poirot

Day Shift

Harris, Charlaine Midnight, Texas 2

Redemption Road

Hart, John

Girl on the Train

Hawkins, Paula

Razor Girl

Hiaasen, Carl

Rock With Wings

Hillerman, Anne


Hilton, L.S. Judith Rashleigh 1

Mississippi Blood

Iles, Greg Natchez Burning 3

Bone Tree

Iles, Greg Penn Cage 5

Cold Betrayal

Jance, J.A. Ali Reynolds 10


Jance, J.A. Ali Reynolds 11

Dance of the Bones

Jance, J.A. J.P. Beaumont and Brandon Walker

Remains of Innocence

Jance, J.A. Joanna Brady 16


Jance, J.A. Joanna Brady 17

Dry Bones

Johnson, Craig Walt Longmire 11

Obvious Fact

Johnson, Craig Walt Longmire 12

Leaving Berlin

Kanon, Joseph

Murderer's Daughter

Kellerman, Jonathan


Kellerman, Jonathan Alex Delaware 30


Kellerman, Jonathan Alex Delaware 31

Heartbreak Hotel

Kellerman, Jonathan Alex Delaware 32

Lady From Zagreb

Kerr, Philip Bernie Gunther 10

Murder of Mary Russell

King, Laurie R. Mary Russell 15

Dreaming Spies

King, Laurie R. Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes 13

Saint Odd

Koontz, Dean Odd Thomas 7

Windigo Island

Kreuger, William Cork O'Connor 14

Manitou Canyon

Kreuger, William Kent Cork O'Connor 15

Girl in the Spider's Web

Lagercrantz, David Millennium 4

Couple Next Door

Lapena, Shari

World Gone By

Lehane, Dennis Joe Coughlin 3

Waters of Eternal Youth

Leon, Donna Brunetti 25

Falling in Love

Leon, Donna Guido Brunetti 24

Earthly Remains

Leon, Donna Guido Brunetti 26

Hush, Hush

Lippman, Laura Tess Monaghan 12

Precious and Grace

McCall Smith, Alexander No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency 17

Woman Who Walked in Sunshine

McCall Smith, Alexander no.1 Ladies Detective Agency 16

President's Shadow

Meltzer, Brad Culper Ring 3

House of Secrets

Meltzer, Brad & Tod Goldberg


Meyer, Stephenie

Vince Flynn: Order to Kill

Mills, Kyle Mitch Rapp 13

Blood on Snow

Nesbo, Jo

Midnight Sun

Nesbo, Jo

Cross Justice

Patterson, James Alex Cross 23


Patterson, James Michael Bennett 8

Black Book

Patterson, James & David Ellis

Murder House

Patterson, James & David Ellis

Private Paris

Patterson, James & Mark Sullivan Private


Patterson, James & Mark Sullivan Private

NYPD Red 3

Patterson, James & Marshall Karp NYPD Red 3

NYPD Red 4

Patterson, James & Marshall Karp NYPD Red 4

16th Seduction

Patterson, James & Maxine Paetro Women's Murder Club 16

Private Vegas

Patterson, James & Maxine Pietro

15th Affair

Patterson, James & Maxine Pietro Women's Murder Club 15


Patterson, James & Michael Ledwidge Michael Bennett 9

Truth or Die

Patterson, James and Howard Roughan

14th Deadly Sin

Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro Women's Murder Club 14

Woman of God

Patterson, James and Maxine Pietro

Long Way Home

Penny, Louise Armand Gamache 10

Nature of the Beast

Penny, Louise Chief Inspector Gamache 11

Great Reckoning

Penny, Louise Chief Inspector Gamache 12

Lost Island

Preston, Douglas Gideon Crew 3

Beyond the Ice Limit

Preston, Douglas & Lincold Child

Crimson Shore

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child Special Agent Pendergast 15

Obsidian Chamber

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child Special Agent Pendergast 16

Even Dogs in the Wild

Rankin, Ian Inspector Rebus 20

Festive in Death

Robb, J.D. In Death 39

Obsession in Death

Robb, J.D. In Death 40

Devoted in Death

Robb, J.D. In Death 41

Brotherhood in Death

Robb, J.D. In Death 42

Apprentice in Death

Robb, J.D. In Death 43

Echoes in Death

Robb, J.D. In Death 44

6th Extinction

Rollins, James Sigma Force

Blood Infernal

Rollins, James & Rebecca Cantrell Order of the Sanguines 3

Gathering Prey

Sandford, John Lucas Davenport 25

Extreme Prey

Sandford, John Lucas Davenport 26

Golden Prey

Sandford, John Lucas Davenport 27

Escape Clause

Sandford, John Virgil Flowers 9

One Perfect Lie

Scottoline, Lisa

Most Wanted

Scottoline, LIsa

Every Fifteen Minutes

Scottoline, Lisa


Scottoline, Lisa Rosato & DiNunzio 4

English Spy

Silva, Daniel Gabriel Allon 15

Black Widow

Silva, Daniel Gabriel Allon 16

House of Spies

Silva, Daniel Gabriel Allon 17

Pretty Girls

Slaughter, Karin

Kept Woman

Slaughter, Karin Will Trent 10

Missing, Presumed: A Novel

Steiner, Susie

Foreign Agent

Thor, Brad

In a Dark, Dark Wood

Ware, Ruth

Woman in Cabin 10

Ware, Ruth

Cuba Straits

White, Randy Wayne Doc Ford 22

Deep Blue

White, Randy Wayne Doc Ford 23

Journey to Munich

Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs 11

Dangerous Place

Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs 11

In This Grave Hour

Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs 13

Cut and Thrust

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 30

Hot Pursuit

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 33

Foreign Affairs

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 35

Family Jewels

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 37

Dishonorable Intentions

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 38

Sex, Lies, and Serious Money

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 39

Fast and Loose

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 41

Smooth Operator

Woods, Stuart & Parnell Hall

Robert B. Parker's Cheapshot

Atkins, Ace Spenser 43 Mystery

Missing You

Coben, Harlan Mystery

Skin Collector

Deaver, Jeffrey Lincoln Rhyme 11 Mystery

Top Secret Twenty-One

Evanovich, Janet Stephanie Plum 21 Mystery


Galbraith, Robert Cormoran Strike 2 Mystery

Any Other Name

Johnson, Craig Walt Longmire 10 Mystery

By its Cover

Leon, Donna Guido Brunetti 23 Mystery

Last Policeman

Winters, Ben H. Last Policeman 1 Mystery

Countdown City

Winters, Ben H. Last Policeman 2 Mystery

Carnal Curiosity

Woods, Stuart Stone Barrington 29 Mystery

Be Careful What You Wish For

Archer, Jeffrey Clifton Chronicles 4 Thriller

Destroyer Angel

Barr, Nevada Anna Pigeon 18 Thriller


Bell, Ted Alex Hawke 8 Thriller

Lincoln Myth

Berry, Steve Cotton Malone 9 Thriller

I've Got you Under my Skin

Clark, Mary Higgins Thriller

Power Play

Coulter, Catherine FBI 18 Thriller

Ghost Ship

Cussler, Clive NUMA files 12 Thriller

Terminal City

Fairstein, Linda Alexandra Cooper 16 Thriller


Finder, Joseph Thriller

Midnight in Europe

Furst, Alan Thriller

Sniper's Honor

Hunter, Stephen Bob Lee Swagger 9 Thriller

Natchez Burning

Iles, Greg Penn Cage 4 Thriller

Live to See Tomorrow

Johansen, Iris Thriller


Koontz, Dean Thriller


Nesbo, Jo Thriller


Patterson, James Thriller

NYPD Red 2

Patterson, James NYPD Red 2 Thriller

Unlucky 13

Patterson, James Women's murder club 13 Thriller

Kill Switch

Rollins, James Tucker Wayne 1 Thriller

Field of Prey

Sandford, John Lucas Davenport 24 Thriller

Keep Quiet

Scottoline, Lisa Thriller

Cop Town

Slaughter, Karin Thriller

Act of War

Thor, Brad Scot Harvath 13 Thriller